A Quiet Retreat Full Set

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A quiet moment spent in the sanctuary of mother nature. An ancient tree stands guard over her as she lies by its roots, absorbing its wisdom and bringing a quiet peace to her heart. Flowers begin to bloom from her chest, as she is rejuvenated and ready to bring her light back to the world. Lavender & Pink Quartz are chosen for their special properties. Lavender Quartz is used for raising self-confidence and esteem whilst dispelling negative energies in the body. Pink Quartz provides the rejuvenating effects of this woman taking sanctuary by the tree, bringing divine love and healing to the wearer.


This product contains:

  • necklace

  • earrings

  • ring

  • silk scarf

  • printed card


...All packaged beautifully in our premium magnetic-lid gift box.


Please Note:
All of our products are handmade, with each piece receiving its share of time, care, and craftsmanship. There will be small imperfections and variations from the pictures as each set is made to order. Stones naturally vary in color and shape, colours may create new patterns as they air-dry on silk, the hands cutting each metal piece may sway a little..

We do our best to make each piece as close to the pictures as possible, but this is a risk that comes with anything truly made by human hands.

Materials Used:


  • Enamel On Copper

  • Silver Metal Ring

  • Lavender Quartz Crystal

  • Pink Quartz Crystal


  • 100% Pure Charmeuse Satin Silk

  • Non-Toxic Silk Paint


Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care. Our silk scarves are painted and set with heat, thus the color will not run easily from the fabric. If you must wash, we recommend a very gentle soap and hand washing in lukewarm water. Do not put in washer/dryer as this is too harsh on these delicate materials.