Capricorn Jasper a& Enamel Earrings

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Capricorn girls are known to be responsible, serious and independent. As these girls possess an incredible inner strength, they go far in their personal and career lives. They are masters of self-control and have the ability to lead the way.
This is the sign of reliability and self respect!
We designed the earrings in the form of the Sea Goat, the symbol of the Capricorn,  royal horns
We chose black Jasper for it's extremely protective and strong healing energy. This beautiful stone will help the the Capricorns to manage and handle their very busy lives



Materials Used:

These earrings are made with hot kiln enamel powder artistically melted on top of pure copper metal for a wonderful real glass vibrant finish.

Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care.