Change Of Scenery Amethyst & Enamel Necklace

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A couple that shows the stability that can be found in the midst of change. Their bond keeps them grounded in a world that can change in the blink of an eye, and they remind us to remember to cherish one another even in turbulent times.

Amethyst crystals are known for balancing out emotional highs and lows, allowing the wearer to ride the waves life brings. It cleanses negative energies and transmutes them into loving vibrations and divine connection. This stone is well paired with pearls, traditionally thought of as the stones of a love that can withstand great pressure and emerge more beautiful than before.


Materials Used:

This necklace is made with pure copper metal with enamel powder artistically melted on top. It is paired with Pearls & Amethyst crystals.

Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care. Do not forcefully bend enamel area of necklace.