Gemini Pearls & enamel Necklace

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Gemini girls are expressive and quick-witted,they are the two personalities in one!
They are very communicative, sociable and always ready for fun but also quiet sincere and sensitive in nature. Being curious and feeling there's not much time to do all what they want in life can get them really exhausted at times
These girls are the embodiment of efficiency and achievement!
We chose black and white Pearls which known to support personal integrity and helps to provide mind focus. White Pearls symbolizes purity and is known as a “stone of sincerity”. We paired it with black pearls known for its excellent grounding and purification abilities.
The design on the necklace is the dual serine feminine faces, the sign for Gemini!
Our enamel was chosen in the powerful purple palette associated with nobility, luxury and ambitions, just the right traits for a real Gemini!


Materials Used:

This necklace is made with pure copper metal with glass enamel powder artistically melted on top. This delicate process is done in a kiln at a temp of about 1500 C and requires a lot of patience and skill to complete typically over few days. It is paired with natural black and white pearls and beautiful pure copper chain.

Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care. Do not forcefully bend enamel area of necklace.