Queen of Worlds Full Set

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This set is inspired by a girl who keeps on dancing and smiling no matter what events unfold in her life. She is a true inspiration and a light to show that happiness is an action and we can choose to take some time to dance away our worries every day. Hematite crystal was chosen for this set as it aids in absorbing negative energy and in bringing a grounding energy in times of stress. It works perfectly in harmony with Black Jasper, which is also a grounding and protective stone that aids in healing the body.


This product contains:

  • necklace

  • earrings

  • ring

  • silk scarf

  • printed card


...All packaged beautifully in our premium magnetic-lid gift box.


Materials Used:


  • Enamel On Copper

  • Copper metal


  • 100% Pure Charmeuse Satin Silk on both sides

  • Non-Toxic Silk Paint


Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care. Our silk scarves are painted and set with heat, thus the color will not run easily from the fabric. If you must wash, we recommend a very gentle soap and hand washing in lukewarm water. Do not put in washer/dryer as this is too harsh on these delicate materials.