Scorpio Citrine & Enamel Necklace

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Scorpio-born girls are assertive and passionate. They are quite decisive and sure of themselves.  They make great leaders, always aware of the situation and very resourceful

They are really emotional and genuinely care for others!

Many of those born under this sign are known by their calm and cool behavior, and sometimes by their mysterious appearance

Those girls will keep your secrets, whatever they may be, a rare trait!

I chose Citrine stone known for its ability to cleanse and opens the intuition which is vital to Scorpio girls. This gem stone attracts wealth, prosperity and success.

Our enamel was chosen in a vibrant citrus, the color of sunshine with deep beautiful auburn to reflect joy and freshness paired with secrecy.  This color represents positivity, clarity, happy energy, optimism and  enlightenment. This is meant to help the Scorpios to be uplifted and optimistic in their so many exciting endeavors!



Materials Used:

This necklace is made with pure copper metal with enamel powder and silver foil artistically melted on top. It is paired with natural Citrine stone.

Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care. Do not forcefully bend enamel area of necklace.