Taurus Enamel Earrings

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Taurus girls are known for their practicality and they believe in labor to achieve goals meaning that they will do whatever it takes to complete tasks!
Practical and well-grounded, they need to always be surrounded by love and beauty.
Those born with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and they consider touch and taste the most important of all senses. They are conservative and stable but also so passionate.
They are loyal and dislike sudden changes
Those girls have mastered the art of romance!
We designed the earrings to represent the Bulls magnificent mythical horns empowering the wearer and reminding all around them of the Bull majestic power!


Materials Used:

These earrings are made with hot kiln enamel powder artistically melted on top of pure copper metal for a wonderful real glass vibrant finish. The earrings has a classic golden clasp lock.

Product Care:

As these are specialty handmade products, we do recommend that they are handled with care.